What Do You Do If You Liquid Damage Your Device?

  • DON'T PANIC!  If you or your cat caused liquid damages to your device,  we can help!
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Rice does not repair liquid damages.  Letting your device sit in rice for any length of time just allows the liquid more time to get to other areas and cause more damages.
  • TURN OFF your device, unplug any power and hold  the power button down until  the device turns off.  If your device is left on, even for a few extra minutes, you could cause a short circuit, leaving internal components permanently damaged.  The quicker you can power down the device, the better chance we have of saving it. If you cannot turn the device off, get it to someone immediately who can.
  • REMOVE the battery, if possible.  Some device you can take the battery out easily, but some require a qualified technician. WARNING, Lithium-Ion batteries can explode or cause a fire if punctured or bent.  DO NOT attempt to remove any battery that is glued or secured in place on your own
  • TURN the device upside down to allow any excess liquid to run out of the device.
  • DRY OFF any liquid that is on the device if you can.
  • BRING IN your device to a qualified repair center to clean up any liquid from inside the device and repair any damages that may have been caused.  Even if your device turns on after a spill and you have dried it out, this doesn’t mean it’s fixed.  Once a liquid get in the device, even after it has dried, it can leave behind bad mineral deposits that carry electricity where it doesn’t belong and cause short circuits.  This will also also cause corrosion damages over any period of time.    This is especially true for


Phone Liquid Damage Repair

Laptop Liquid Damage Repair